How to make phone calls?

You can start phone calls in two different ways:

1. From the Dashboard, click on "New Call". If this option is not available, it means it hasn't been activated yet on your hospital or clinic.

  • At the numerical keyboard that will open on the down right side, write the patient's number and click the "Call" button"

2. From the patient's file, click on the button you will see next to the patient's number, and the call will start, just as if you were using the numerical keyboard

  • Once inside the call, you will see some control buttons to mute, finish or pause the call.

Please notice: 

  1. Calls can only last up to 30 minutes
  2. You can only make calls to Spanish phone numbers
  3. Only outgoing calls are activated at this point. Patients cannot return the calls
  4. You can't make telephone calls from the videoconsultation room.

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