How to get ready for video consultations in 5 simple steps

We want you to feel ready and relaxed for your video consultation without leaving the comfort of your home. 

Here are the 5 top tips for successfully connecting to your doctor: 

  1. Choose which device you are going to use (PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet). Make sure its battery is loaded and the browser chosen is compatible. Here you can access our compatible PC browser list and also our compatible mobile devices list.
  2. The chosen device needs to have a camera, microphone and connection to the internet. Please, make sure to accept the video and audio permissions (camera and microphone) before connecting to your doctor, so he tor can listen and see you correctly.
  3. Location is important. To guarantee your privacy, we suggest you choose a space without noise or distraction where you feel comfortable. Avoid any direct lights on your camera so your doctor can see you correctly.
  4. Have all your documents: reports, analytics, and previous diagnostics needed handy. During the video consultation, you will have the option to share them directly through the app. 
  5. Relax and connect with your health professional through the link provided in the email or the SMS received. Please don't forget to wear adequate and comfortable clothing, as if you were attending an offline consultation.

Lastly, we recommend you connect to the video consultation 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled timing, using the link in the SMS or the email received. 

Make sure everything works correctly without any issues. This way, you will be more relaxed, concentrated and you will have time to prepare yourself.

If you experiment with any problems in audio or video during the video consultation, it may be due to the connection quality. Please, check your WiFi network and change it if needed. 

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